SIGGRAPH '91 Electronic Theatre, Gallery, and Showcase call for submissions

SIGGRAPH '91 Electronic Theatre, Gallery, and Showcase call for submissions

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I received this via fax and was asked to send it around... Post it on
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ACM SIGGRAPH 1991 - Call for Films, Videos, or Alternate Media submissions

SIGGRAPH's annual conference is a premier showcase for the world's
most advanced, uniquely creative, and innovative computer animations
for film videos, and alternate media.  As in the past, the goals of
the show are technical excellence, innovation, aesthetic quality, and
audience impact.

        At SIGGRAPH '91, the electronic theatre, gallery, and showcase
will continue the tradition of excellence established in previous
years with an additional dimension: a thematic component.  Without
restricting the scope or creativity of the entries, the electronic
theatre jury is especially encouraging submissions of films, videos,
and alternate media that focus on environmental concerns and ideas.
We hope to demonstrate how these media can promote the healthy
survival of the world and its peoples.

The Electronic Theatre -

Culminating a year of work in computer animation, the electronic
theatre is a highlight of each SIGGRAPH conference.  For old friends,
peers, and those new to the industry, it's a chance to enjoy the
world's most stunning and sophisticated computer graphics animation.
It's an international celebration of outstanding computer animation in
art, television, motion pictures, corporate communications, education,
industry, research, and science.

The Electronic Gallery -

With a uniquely designed setting, the electronic gallery enlarges our
show to include media beyond traditional film and video:  HDTV,
large-screen formats, 3D stereoscopic display, and interactive
animation systems.  Unlike the theatre, the gallery displays works
according to discipline categories in the original media.

The Electronic Showcase -

The electronic showcase provides an environment designed to display
longer animations, newly completed works, and historical footage.

        The committee is looking for pioneering works which will make
this electronic forum a dynamic cross-section of many disciplines.  We
encourage entries from the widest possible range of people who use
computer animation.  A jury of industry professionals will select the
entries for the electronic theatre, the gallery, and the showcase.
        Film and video animations must be submitted to the jury by
1 May 1991.  Proposals for formats other than film and video must be
submitted by 12 December 1990.  The electronic theatre contributor's
packet provides helpful information about length, acceptable media,
and the jury process.

Request a contributor's packet from:
Conference Management Office
401 N. Michigan Avenue
Chicago, IL 60611 USA

Submit proposals and film and videos to:

Carol Chiani
Electronic Theatre Chair
The Computer Workshop
503 Broadway
New York, NY 10012 USA
212-925-8910 (fax)

Pascal Chesnais, Research Specialist, Electronic Publishing Group
Media Laboratory, E15-348, 20 Ames Street, Cambridge, Ma, 02139 (617) 253-0311


1. Call for Siggraph'91 T-shirt Context

                     SIGGRAPH'91 T-SHIRT CONTEST

Yes!  The T-shirt contest will be held again at SIGGRAPH'91!  In fact,
we are scheduled as an official special interest group meeting.
Awards will be given!  Please pass this announcement on to anyone who
might be interested.  There is still time to make a t-shirt.

A distinguished jury of SIGGRAPH professionals will judge submitted
T-shirts.  Preference will be given to T-shirts designed specifically
for SIGGRAPH'91 and produced with computer graphics technology.  In
addition to their design and impact, entries will be judged primarily
on how effectively they explain or make use of some technical aspect
of SIGGRAPH'91, such as a topic from the papers, panels, or tutorials

The contest will take place on Thursday, August 1, before and during the
technical program reception.  Judging will start exactly at 6:00pm
in Las Vegas Convention Center, Room N119.  Awards will be presented at
9:30pm during the reception.  Spectators are most welcome at the judging.
Humorous explanations and dramatic staging of T-shirt designs made
last year's judging quite entertaining.

A contest entry consists of a T-shirt (to be worn by the submitter
during the judging and awards) and 7 copies of a 1-page description of
the entry, which must include the entry's title, a picture of the
T-shirt design, the submitter's name, address, telephone number, and a
paragraph explaining why and how the T-shirt was made.

For further information before the conference please contact Jock
Mackinlay or Eric Bier at the following address.  During the
conference, leave a message for Eric on the message board (Jock cannot
make it to the conference this year).

Jock Mackinlay or Eric Bier
Xerox PARC
3333 Coyote Hill Road
Palo Alto, CA 94304
Jock: 415/494-4335 or Eric: 415/494-4439
FAX: 415/494-4777

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