printmaster w/ WP5.0?

printmaster w/ WP5.0?

Post by GER.. » Thu, 13 Sep 1990 18:57:26

Is there any way that Printmaster can be combined with Wordperfect 5.0
to give me text on a printmaster letterhead, for example?  If not, or
if this demands a great deal of skill, are there any editors I can
use with Printmaster, or graphics with letterheads that I can use with

1. Problem: Importing SigmaPlot CGM files into WP5.1

I've been having problems lately trying to import some 2D plots created by
SigmaPlot 5.0 into WP 5.1.  My problem is that hollow circles on _some_
of the plots get imported as filled circles.  I've talked to Jandel
Scientific and WordPerfect and have not yet found a solution (except to
just quit using hollow circles on my plots).  HPGL files don't have this
problem, but I would prefer to use CGM's for other reasons.  Has anyone out
there run into this problem and found a "real" solution for it?


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