Anybody programming for Polyray?

Anybody programming for Polyray?

Post by Daniel Johannes van Nieke » Fri, 21 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I am a Polyray-fan.

I was trained to program in Pascal and have started some time ago in C++ in
Windows.I have written a lot of "script-generating" algoritms for Polyray, and
intend to accellerate my MFC-learning curve by writing a polyray-modeller
under Windows-NT.

Anybody with interesting ideas for script-generators or
modelling-programs,(Especially in Polyr.) are welcome to send a message.

(I would also be intersted in any *.pi files for polyray,IF you would care to
share and think I will find it amusing,intellectually stimulaing, relevant,
perplexing, blah,blah.. :> )

Daniel van Niekerk


Anybody programming for Polyray?

Post by dearma » Sat, 22 Feb 1997 04:00:00

I like POLYRAY too... it was always sort of a half step ahead of POVray
until POV 3.0 came out.  Alexander (Xander) doesn't seem to be too hot
to support it as much anymore- ah well.  I still use it.
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: I first "discovered" raytracing using Polyray 5 years ago, then switched
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It's been awhile since I did any tracings, but I think Polyray is a
great program. I particularly like the true cylindrical and spherical
heightfields it offers. Xander, if you're listening, any chance on you
releasing your algorithm ? :-)


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