Bugs in yahp2ps

Bugs in yahp2ps

Post by Federico Hei » Tue, 02 Jan 1990 16:04:00

  Since I released it, some people have written telling me of errors in
yahp2ps. Thanks to their help, I could remove three bugs from the
program.  If you want to fix them, you'll have to do following changes:

In io.c:

  in the function getNumber(), place the line

         negative = False;

   before the line that reads

         if (LookAhead == '+')

   and in the function writeNumber(), the line

         if (n = Zero)

   should read (of course)

         if (n == Zero)

In mchinery.c:

    in the function doShadeRectangle, the line


    should read


  I promise I'll learn how to use diff and patch for the next time :-)


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