3D programmers needed!

3D programmers needed!

Post by stephen peacoc » Tue, 13 Jan 1998 04:00:00

Hi all,

Inquire is an international software company working on the cutting edge
of the 3d revolution. Because business is so good we have an urgent need
for experienced programmers for our Munich/Germany office.
If you have one or more of the following qualifications and you have
worked in the graphics field before please send me your CV by e-mail or
if you don't have a current CV a email introducing yourself will do.

C++ on a commercial project.
Open Inventor on any platform
OpenGL on any platform
Unix to Win32 porting experience.

Spoken German an advantage but not essential.

Looking forward to hearing from you.

| Inquire GmbH - Software Technologies
| Stephen Peacock   ---   Software Designer
| Frankfurter Ring 213
| D-80807 Mnchen / Germany
| tel.   : +49 (0)89 / 323 900 20
| fax.   : +49 (0)89 / 323 900 49

| web    : http://www.inquire.de


1. Amateur 3D programmer needs assistance

To all,

After reading various threads and noticing the distinct lack of a
front-end modeller for the Mac specific to POV-Ray, I decided to do some
exploring. A trip to Half-Price Books (a minor diety, in my opinion), and
the local library yielded a textbook on linear algebra and a book entitled
"High-Performance CAD Graphics in C" by Lee Adams.

The Graphics book is a really good introduction to 3D computer graphics. I
got a lot of useful stuff out of it. However, it doesn't go into much

Cutting to the chase here, I have found that working with 3D coordinates
really isn't all that bad. What I do need, however, is an algorithm for
mapping the 3D coordinates onto a two-dimesional window, given the
location of the camera, the direction the camera is pointing, and the
aspect ratio, etc.

Now, I realize these are all going to be found in the POV source code, so
my next stop is there. However, I am a Pascal programmer, and C totally
baffles me (mainly because I haven't bothered to learn it yet) and I'm
afraid that I wouldn't recognize these algorithms if they leapt out of my
monitor and bit me if I were to see them in the C source code.

So, in short, anyone who can help me in learning how to map 3D coordinates
onto a two-dimensional window, your help would be appreciated. And
hopefully, I'll have the only Mac modeller designed for POV-Ray on the
market in a few months.

(Of course, if there already IS one out there, I'm wide open to flaming
now, aren't I?)


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