FS: Director 5.0...going...going...almost gone...

FS: Director 5.0...going...going...almost gone...

Post by Jim Nixo » Sun, 16 Feb 1997 04:00:00

Last chance to get into multimedia for a lots less than retail. The
unregistered Mac version of Director I got with my PowerTower 225 will
be sold to the highest biddrer as of 6:00 p.m. EST, Sunday, February 16.

You'll get the Application CD and an Electronic Documentation CD (sorry,
no book). Guaranteed to never have been registered or loaded onto any
computer. Drop me an e-mail with the high bid by 6:00 p.m. Sunday and
it's yours. And then fame and fortune will be just a few short years
(er, I mean months) away. :-)

Jim Nixon

P.S. The current high bid is less than half the retail price. Still lots
of room to save big bucks.


1. Going Once...Going Twice...Three Jobs Available!

Time is running out on the resume collection phase in our
attempts to hire three (now 3...up from 2) experienced
Macintosh graphics/video programmers.

Elastic Reality is a high-end special effects technology
company that was acquired 6 months ago by Avid Technology.
We're based in Madison WI and the work requires relocation
to Madison (which we will pay for).

We've got brand new Macintosh 8500's with 48 MBs of RAM and
20 inch monitors and a 100 Mbit/sec network just waiting
for three successful candidates.

We've got great benefits, competitive salaries, and a brand
new office building with an incredible view and subsidized
candy and soda. In short, a programmer's paradise.

The work requires C++ experience, especially MetroWorks.
QuickTime programming experience is a plus...but send in
your resume even if you don't have QuickTime experience
because it isn't necessary for all three members of the
team we're putting together to have QuickTime experience.

Elastic Reality's effects are ubiquitous...nearly every
TV commercial featuring any type of morphing effect is
done with our products, as are most such effects on
television and in the movies. Think Forrest Gump was
cool? Or TimeCop, StarGate, Star Trek: Generations,
Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Voyager? These productions
and a few hundred others are examples of our technology.
And right now we're looking for a few good people to
help us do more. And more. And more.

mail them to him at:

Avid Technology/Elastic Reality FX Center
6400 Enterprise Lane Suite 201
Madison WI, 53719

We're collecting resumes for only another week or so
and then we're going to start arranging interviews for
promising candidates.

So what are you waiting for? Gonna keep coding
spreadsheets for the rest of your life? Here's your
chance to REALLY excell.

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