Need tool to convert HPGL to POSTSCRIPT

Need tool to convert HPGL to POSTSCRIPT

Post by Oliver Kretzschm » Wed, 23 Dec 1992 15:57:13


    I am looking for a HPGL to POSTSCRIPT converter with source.
    Please mail me your informations.

    Thanks for your efforts,

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1. HELP: converting postscript to HPGL ?


I'm at a loss...

I need to drive a Hewlett Packard DraftPro EXL plotter from a program
called Applixware (a word processor / spreadsheet / graphics / mail)
program for UNIX.  My problem is that this program will only print to
postscript or PCL5 printers but I need to generate HPGL (Hewlett
Packard Graphics Language) to run the plotter.

The program does export to HPGL format but the text quality is not good
enough as it writes all text in Courier font!... most unsatisfactory

So what I really need is a UNIX program that can do high quality postscript
to HPGL conversion.  Failing that I'll be happy with PCL to HPGL conversion.

We do have a program called "Hewlett Packard Drawing Gallery" that can drive
the plotter very well and it has a utility called CGMTOGAL which converts
CGM (Comp???graphics Metafile ???) format into Gallery format so maybe even
a program to convert postscript or PCL to CGM will suffice but I'd prefer
to go strait to HPGL if possible.

Please email me if you can help..  We are willing to pay money for a high
quality solution so any suggestions are welcome.


Matthew Thyer.
AIX 3.2.3e System Administrator

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