Midnight Modeller

Midnight Modeller

Post by Sven Weima » Sun, 27 Apr 1997 04:00:00


Does someone know if there exists a version of the Midnight Modeller
for Linux? I think that I read something about that a few month ago.

And a second question: Does someone know what's up with the Version
3.0 of Midnight Modeller for DOS? The author shows Alpha Release 15 on
his web page since end of 1996.

Many thanks in advance.
Sven Weimann

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1. Midnight Modeller Author?

Thanks for all the replies so far!

Any idea where I can get a hold of Dave Taylor, MidNight's creator?

Thanks you

Stfan Viljoen a. k. a. Rylan

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Potchefstroom Emergency Services
South Africa

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