Edit Text in Print Dialog

Edit Text in Print Dialog

Post by Paul Czarnec » Tue, 11 Nov 1997 04:00:00

I am trying to add some fields to the print dialog on Macintosh.  I am
aware of the OpenUI directive in the PPD files and I have read TechNote
1086 (?) regarding the 'ppdT' resource format.

I have two questions.

Does anyone understand the 'ppdA' resource format and could they point me
to a doc describing it?

And the big one, I am trying to add an Editable Text field to a print
dialop.  The 'ppdT' appears to only support checkboxes, popups, radion
buttons, and PICTs.  Part of the challenge, of course, is getting the value
from the edittext into the postcript stream.

I do NOT have control of the application's code, it will likely be Quark,
Freehand, Illustrator and a few more players, so I am really looking for a
general solution, like the PPD (or Quark PDF?) files.

I am not totally against patching the Print Manager, but obviously would
really rather not do it.  Same for patching the LaserWriter driver, would
really rather not do it.

Doing a Quark xTension is a possibility, but since it only solves the quark
case, again, I'd rather not do it.

Any ideas?


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