Vista board, need programming examples.

Vista board, need programming examples.

Post by Rich Min » Fri, 02 Mar 1990 06:49:00

We just received a vista board and need to get demo's up ASAP.  The
documentation is not good and contains _no_ example programs.  Does anyone
have examples that show how to program the row-table to display an image
and load the look up tables?   It is a very unique architecture, and does
not have the conventional frame-buffer and lut memory that most digitizers/
graphics cards have.


Vista board, need programming examples.

Post by kworr.. » Sat, 03 Mar 1990 00:20:00

I would be interested in getting a list of exactly what you
received as 'standard materials' and what you could (or did)
get as 'extra (meaning you paid extra) materials.'  This would
ideally include a list of software, hardware, documentation,
and other such goodies.

Of particular interest to me is the availability of library
routines which do much of the necessary grunt work.

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