Computer-driven embroidery system driver/information?

Computer-driven embroidery system driver/information?

Post by Larry Huntl » Sat, 11 Sep 1993 01:41:49

    Does anyone have any idea how I would go about determining
    the data format used to control the X-Y motion of a computer-
    driven embroidery machine head?  (Specifically, the Melco
    EP-1.)  The simple-minded approach of calling the company
    and asking about interface manuals, etc., did not work
    well - resulted in their mailing me a brochure and a quote
    for a $37K digitization system.  I sort of suspect this to
    be similar to motion control used in a plotter driver, but I
    could be hopelessly mistaken.

    Any information or pointers to information about this or
    related machines (Brother, Pfaff, etc.) or even related
    topics (plotter drivers, general numerical control) would be
    greatly appreciated.


    - Larry

          Larry Huntley           Logic Modeling Corporation


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