VPro graphics <-> Linux update

VPro graphics <-> Linux update

Post by Martin Schul » Sat, 04 Nov 2000 18:57:15


has anybody any success getting the VPro graphics (VR3 built in SGI330
running Linux) work under some other kernel than the one delivered by

The background is, the SGI Propack SWE 1.3 VWE seems to require the
use of a 2.2.15 kernel for the sgivpro kernel module. However, as time
goes by, Redhat 7.0 now uses the 2.2.16 kernel which I want to use for
different reasons.

I did not find the source so that I could not make any attempts to
recompile that module for the newer kernel. Is there any information
how the different parts of the ProPack work together?


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