Icon Question

Icon Question

Post by William P. Cla » Tue, 29 Feb 2000 04:00:00

Quote:> Mr. Clay,

> "Woe is me!"  Booted up last night after work and the PSP5 icons are
> back!!  I bit the bullet and ran RegEdit this morning.  I found a lot
> of PSP stuff that related back to when I had various versions on the C
> drive.  I assume some of it may be from versions 3 to 5.03.  I found
> the particular key that you mentioned for "...\PSP6.Image\Defaulticon"
> the info listed was : "D:\Program~1\Paints~1\PSP.EXE,0".  Hope this
> helps.  My PSP6 is installed on the D drive, so that part looks fine.
> I don't know what the 'zero' at the end of that string means.  Thanks
> again for your help.

> Bob


    Unfortuately, with the DOS nomenclature it is not clear which
directory it is pointing to.  Program~1 is almost surely Program Files,
but Paints~1 could be Paintshop Pro 5 or Paintshop Pro 6.  Do you still
have a PSP 5 directory?  If so, this could be pointing to that
directory.  The zero at the end tells Windows which icon to use from the

    The only other thing I can think of to try (without actually being
able to play with your computer) is to remove all the associations and
let PSP 6 reclaim them.  Open Window Explorer, go to View|Folder
Options|File Types, scroll down the list until you find Paint Shop Pro 6
Image and highlight it, then click Remove.  This will unassociate all
the file types.  Then, start PSP and go to File|Preferences|File Format
Associations.  Check all the formats you would like associated with PSP
and then click OK.  You may have to close PSP and restart it.

    Good Luck.

Bill Clay


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