RENDERPARK: Global Illumination software

RENDERPARK: Global Illumination software

Post by Philip Dut » Thu, 10 Jul 1997 04:00:00

Those of you interested in global illumination should take a look at
our program RENDERPARK, which is being developed as part of ongoing
research in the Computer Graphics Research Group, Leuven, Belgium.

The renderer currently offers:

- Galerkin radiosity (both gathering and shooting) with (or without)
  hierarchical refinement, higher order approximations, clustering,
  view-importance, ...
- stochastic ray radiosity
- ray-casting, classic and stochastic ray-tracing

It is known to compile and run fine on a SUN Sparcstation (with LEO graphics
hardware and the Nth Protable GL), under Linux (with Mesa, a free OpenGL
like graphics library) and on a number of SGI machines (with OpenGL).

You can retrieve the source code and example scene files
(MGF format) from the URL:

You can build on it for your research too if you like (hooks are provided
already for your ultimate rendering algorithm).

Best regards,

Philip Dutre


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1. Global illumination bibliography update

ANNOUNCE: 96/09/01 Release of RADBIB96
RADBIB96 is a comprehensive bibliography of radiosity and
related global illumination papers, theses, articles, and
books. A total of 41 new references have been added since
its last release on July 1, 1996, bringing the total to
975 references.

This bibliography is available in refer format (ASCII text)
as RADBIB96.TXT (with a release date of September 1, 1996)

and as compressed RadBib96.Z from:

A gzip-compressed BibTex-format version is available from:

but it may be a previous release.

As always, it is time-consuming and sometimes difficult to
track down conference papers and theses on radiosity and global
illumination. If you know of a relevant reference that is not
included in the bibliography, please let me know so that I can
include it in the next release.

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