Crash Test for a Dummy (POV 3.1a)

Crash Test for a Dummy (POV 3.1a)

Post by Brook Monro » Wed, 21 Oct 1998 04:00:00

I've got a simple set of POV files created with Moray that crashes when
I try to render it in POV v3.1a.  The rendering proceeds down the
submarine sail OK, then crashes when attempting to render the hull (a
triangle mess--er, mesh).  I'm looking for volunteers to render it on
their systems to see if the same crash occurs, before I try to report
the problem as a bug.

The assembly code at the crash is doing a REPNE memory move, and the
error itself is an access violation, so it's probably a vertex list or
something, and could be data related...

Let me know if you want to have a crack at it...thanks!



1. Crash test for a dummy

It crashed on me the first couple of tries, but now is rendering
I commented out the last union, then turned it back on, and added in
the three pieces one at a time.
Then I reloaded your original source, and it's working.
The only difference between working and not working is that I had
radiosity and animations set in my ini file, from another project.
When I changed to a simple 800x600 AA.3 from quickres, it was fine.

Interesting note though, since writing this email, when I try to
maximize POV, I get "File seaview.pov has changed outside of POV,
reload?" and no matter which way I answer, I can't maximize POV again.

I have a PII-400 with 330M ram. I didn't check the size of the
project, but that's probably not a problem on this system. Disk space
free is >1G on all drives.

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