Displacment mapping

Displacment mapping

Post by John Pon » Sat, 15 Sep 1990 00:03:57

     I am looking for some information on displacemnt map      ent mapping.
     Displacemt ent mapping is simm ilar to tesxt   xture mapping or m bump mapping
         except that a   in displacemt ent mapping the nrom   ormal is actul ally "displaced"
     to cause a deformation in a model (this is how              l, .  This h is how grouove    oves in a*are
      o  models ed  .  Displacement mapping appears to be fairly new and I have not
     been able to find any   y papers on it.  I would appreciate any information
     or references that I could use to find out more about it (particularly
     how to implement it).    

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1. problem with displacment maps

I'm having an odd problem with displacment maps in V3.0.5 I've tried this
on the Mac version and PC version with the same results:

1.I create type in an Alpha Channel of An RBG image
2. I copy this channel to clipboard and create a new image and copy the
alphs image into it (and save)
3. I then swtich back to original RGB turning off alpha chanel and run
displacement using the new image with the alpha channel image as a map.

The image is displaced OK BUT..there is a bunch of somewhat legible type
that says something like "photoshop 3.0 files.." and a bunch of other stuff
I can't read. I have repeated this with different images on different
platforms with the same results! I don't recall having this problem with

Anyone know anything about this?

Jeff Wasserman

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