Apple shake Rendering problem

Apple shake Rendering problem

Post by SAB » Thu, 17 Jul 2003 14:17:17

When I try and render a video clip that I applyed a effect to while
rendering after say 60 frames black horizontal lines appear across the
render window and on the finished clip.  I tried deinterlasing but no joy.

1. Rendering Depth for Shake

I'm trying to render out a zfile to use as a depth map in a comp in
shake but I can't seem to get a decent result.

I'm trying to output a 32-bit single channel tiff, but I don't seem to
be having any luck.

I've generated 32-bit single channel zfiles, but I just can't seem to
output a valid tiff file (the headers seem ok, but the content looks

Is there a sho command to convert from a zfile to a tiff without it
converting it to an 8-bit 3 channel affair ? Or what should I alter
the display line in the RIB file to to generate a valid tiff ?

Presently it's

Display "camera2Shape.z.0123.tiff" "tiff" "z" "compression" ["none"]

Is there something wrong with this ?



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