WCVT (Font3D), Windows 95 and True Type Fonts - Workaround

WCVT (Font3D), Windows 95 and True Type Fonts - Workaround

Post by Keith D Ru » Wed, 20 Sep 1995 04:00:00

|> I, like some other folks, have experienced problems using WCVT (and thus, by
|> extension, the included Font3D code) under Windows'95. Part of the problem
|> seems to be related to the fact that by default the File | Open menu option of
|> True Type fonts shows a window where the embedded font names are displayed, as
|> opposed to a "details" selection (which would display them as filename.ttf).
|> The button-bar option to show details is then greyed out, so you cannot access
|> that choice. The only workaround I've found is to go through Explorer, with
|> details turned on, and get/make note of the full filename.

Yep, I've noticed this too. I think I have found a reasonable fix to this.
I will try to get it in a uploaded in the next week or so.

|> Then when I go through WCVT I simply type in the appropriate name. I generally
|> use just a few fonts, so this isn't so arduous.

This is what I've been doing too.

Keith Rule


1. font3d, Win95 and true type fonts.

: I am running Win95. I donwloaded font3d v1.51 and tried to find some
: true type fonts to convert.  I was very suprised to not find *any*
: *.ttf files on my system at all. I ended up going back to my Windows
: 3.1 install disks and copying the *.tt_ files off and expanding them.
: Is this the best solution?  Does ttf exist under Win95? Where?

: Jeff Fox


Yes, Win95 definitely supports TrueType fonts.  You should be able to find
them in the c:\windows\fonts directory.  Give that a try.

Bret Stateham

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