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I've seen various ads for connecting your computer display to a TV screen.
Digital Vision is being offered is offering TelevEyes for Mac and PC at $200.
Also, TelevEyes/SC for Mac at $150.

My question is how good are these present models? Also, where do they cable
into the Mac and TV?


Conrad Weiler
Camp Sherman, Oregon


1. PC->TV, TV->PC

I just finished using a product called `TViator' or `TVator' which
intercepts regular SVGA output and has NTSC and S-VHS output.

It seemed to work adequately but the resolution is limited to 640x480 and it
didn't seem to like accelerated video cards.

I think the cost is in the $300-500 range.  I don't have more specific
information since I borrowed it from a friend-of-a-friend.


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