MAC Quark 4.0 Upgrade Install work around...

MAC Quark 4.0 Upgrade Install work around...

Post by Mark Gree » Fri, 18 Sep 1998 04:00:00

Having bought the upgrade to Quark 4.0 I used it to upgrade my registered
copy of 3.32. on my Macintosh G3 It worked once. After that I had
corruption problems and tried to re-upgrade a reinstalled copy of 3.32.
This was the same legit registered copy of Quark.

It wouldn't reinstall. Said the copy of 3.32 that it was supposed to work
with wasn't an upgradable copy of Quark. This qualifies as classic piracy
protection BS from another software company so freaked out about piracy
that they make life hard for legit customers. (Which ends up pissing me off
so much I just want to go out and install that thing on 20 other computers
to make up for the inconvienence.)

ANYWAY, I called Quark asking what the heck I'm supposed to do and guess
what? Hold down the option key in the opening window when it asked for you
to find the registered copy due to be upgraded and it just skips that part
and does the full install...

Nice Huh? Well I think everyone who's got a copy of the Quark 4.0 upgrade
should be able to put that information to use...



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I have three photoshop .exe's on the hard disk - don't think I need
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(one is the 4.01 upgrade and a backup directory that I assume the
4.01 upgrade created).

Brian McCarthy

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