Experienced RenderMan Lighting and Shading TD’s Needed In London

Experienced RenderMan Lighting and Shading TD’s Needed In London

Post by Evan Hirs » Wed, 13 Aug 2003 18:52:03

Vanguard Animation is hiring experienced Lighting and Shading
TD’s to work on Valiant. This is the first studio backed, 3D
animated feature in Europe and will be starting production this
autumn.  As the show will be done at Ealing Studios in London,
England, you must hold a passport from a country in either the
European Union or the British Commonwealth.  Ideally, you have
experience with Maya or Houdini, a penchant for problem solving and
great attention to detail.  At this time, we are only accepting reels
from applicants with at least 2 years RenderMan production experience.

If you are interested in applying for these positions, please e-mail

in your subject line: “RenderMan TD”.   (If you are
applying for a lighting position and you have experience with
painting, lighting live action or studio photography, please be sure
to include examples of that work as well.)  In addition, to ensure
that your reel receives our immediate attention, please immediately
send us a CV, Shot List and Reel to:

RenderMan TD
Vanguard Animation
Ealing Studios
Ealing Green
London W5 5EP


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