light spectrum in raytracing

light spectrum in raytracing

Post by Lars Grob » Fri, 11 Aug 2000 04:00:00


Which free raytracers (I only know the megapov-patch) supports spectral
sources? Are there patches for other raytracers, like radiance, which
this? I wonder if these sources would change the images we produce
interior lights and materials...

Thank you, CU, Lars.


1. Please name me 16 colors from the light-spectrum


Would you please point me to, or just quote me the
RGB values of at least 16 ORDERED color out of the

I hope/believe most of the people could distinguish/
tell these colors in their corrected order. (????)
They'll be used to colorize some data which are
quantized to (as many as possible) distinguishable

I thank you very much for your help

Nan-shan Chen, Pohlweg 47-49, 33098, FB14, Uni-Paderborn

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