MAJOR HELP NEEDED NOW - Intuos2 Tablet on the Mac OS X 10.2.1

MAJOR HELP NEEDED NOW - Intuos2 Tablet on the Mac OS X 10.2.1

Post by Craig Bla » Fri, 25 Oct 2002 10:27:35

This is probably a bit late for me to get a response back in time.

I have a Mac OS X 10.2.1 (on loan from apple - the flag ship dual
processor 1.25ghz ......) for an expo on "Teachers Celebrating
Teaching" at the Fremantle PAssenger Terminal in Perth.

Can not install intuos2 tablet onto computer

Error message while installing the driver is:
there is an erro installing the driver

have tried the following:
1 - every different driver from the Wacom site - no luck
2 - copying and pasting the wacom application onto the machine
 - - -this just asks for the driver
3 - a different intuos tablet - still no luck
4 - tried a different brand tablet - no problem - but did not need an
install of the software, just a copy and paste into the application

Obviously seems to be a problem somewhere but have no idea where. Have
queried a number of MAc heads and gurus and none seem to be able to
come up with a solution. The machine is clean out of the box. Has
photoshop installed.

The strange thing is that I can use the tablet when connected but am
unable to run the program/control panels

could there be settings that prevent the installer from placing the
driver into the driver drectory?
I just want to pull all my hair out. I have an afternoon left to solve
the problem. So if you can please respond ASAP


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