Question About Separated TIFF Images

Question About Separated TIFF Images

Post by John M Davis » Sat, 20 Aug 1994 09:49:54

        Page 69 of the TIFF 6.0 Specification says that "In a separated image,
each pixel consists of N components.  Each component represents the amount of a
particular ink that is to be used to represent the image at that location..."
Does this mean that there can be no extra samples in a separated image?

        Further down on the page, the Specification says "BitsPerSample =
8,8,8,8 (for CMYK).  SHORT.  For now, only 8-bit components are recommended.
The value "8" is repeated SamplesPerPixel times."  This raises the following

          1. "BitsPerSample = 8,8,8,8 (for CMYK)".  Does this mean
             that CMYK images cannot have extra samples?  What about
             non-CMYK separated images?

          2. "For now, only 8-bit components are recommended."  Does
             this mean that extra samples must be confined to 8 bits

          3. "For now, only 8-bit components are recommended."  Are
             there any cases in which 8-bit components are
             recommended but not required?  Must extra samples
             (assuming one can have them) be confined to 8 bits too?

        Replies via USENET are welcome, although I would also appreciate
receiving them via electronic mail in order to ensure that I get them.  (It is
possible that some USENET reply articles might not show up at my site.)
John Davison

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