:GWorlds, PICTS's, JPEGS and Quicktime

:GWorlds, PICTS's, JPEGS and Quicktime

Post by Kevin Yo » Sat, 16 Mar 1996 04:00:00

Hello everyone,
 I've been looking at BoxTops graphics code and I want to use it,
unfortunately, it doesn't do everything I need. Since I'm new at
programming on a Mac..(been doing it for only two months..) I don't really
know much about anything to do with quicktime and offscreen graphics world
enough to implememnt what I need on top of the library.
 What I need to now:

 1. Given a GWorldPtr how would I go about converting it to a PicHandle so
I could write a PICT file or a PICT resource?

 2. Given a PicHandle, how could I write a PICT file?

 3. Given a PicHandle, how would I go about using quicktime and converting
it to a JPEG and then writing the JPEG out to a file?

I hope someone could give me some answers or point me to the right
directions, I've been looking around the net and graphics sources are so
hard to come by to even learn.

 Thanks everybody.



1. Converting GIFs to JPEGs or PICTs

Greetings, All!

I'm looking for a utility that will let me convert GIF files to JPEG
or PICT format.  I have tried Giffer, which gives the option to open
a GIF and save as PICT, but it reduces the color set to the standard
system pallette, and the image ends up looking pretty bad.  JPEGView
is my program of choice--I'm running 3.3, but when I open a GIF file,
I cannot save it as any other format.  I seem to recall being able to
to so in a previous version, but I can't remember.  Anyway, if I can
get something to convert from GIF to JPEG, JPEGView does a nice job of
converting the JPEG to PICT without the color problem.  Presently, I
can use a (gulp!) Windows program called LView to do this conversion,
but I'd like to keep it all on one platform, and script the process if
possible.  Any ideas?


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