Procedural Texture Generator

Procedural Texture Generator

Post by Lisa McClur » Mon, 22 Sep 1997 04:00:00

Mithril Graphics has recently released Mithril Textures version 1.0. A
slightly restricted version for Silicon Graphics systems is available from
the Mithril Graphics web site at:

There are also many free textures that have been created with Mithril
Textures available from this site. All textures tile seamlessly, some have
lighting effects and others have alpha maps for 3D artists. All are of a
high quality.

Mithril Graphics
Chris McClure


1. Procedural tree generator, plugin hunting

Hey all... basically I just wanted to know if there were any tree
generation plugins (existing or planned) for MAX that could rival
Pawel Olases' TreeDesigner
( and Leaves Generator
( for Lightwave.  Basically
the output I've seen people get with that tool (hell, the samples he
has there would qualify) are vastly superior to the fixed meshes I've
seen in tree libraries, and the quick design and fully tweakable
procedural nature of the generator makes it look completely invincible
to me.

     For $150, it's hardly a risk one way or the other, but I just
wanted to see if there was a decent MAX-based alternative.


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