Indigo2 XZ vs PI

Indigo2 XZ vs PI

Post by Pete Husema » Sun, 30 Mar 1997 04:00:00

Can anyone tell me roughly how much better, in terms of general
graphics speed (GL apps), that an Indigo2 XZ (100 mhz r4000)
would be compared to a PI, Turbo Z buffered (36 mhz r3000)
or Indigo w/z buffer (33 mhz r3000), all with similar
memory (64 mbytes).

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1. Indigo2 XZ vs pc (linux) graphics

I know that I'm asking for all kinds of wild generalizations here, but I

need to know which would be faster- my Indigo2 XZ with GR3-Elan
graphics, or my generic PIII with a new graphics card costing $100-
$200 (recomendations welcome) running linux.  The applications I'm
concerned about are simple ones that I have written for X, mostly using
XDrawPoint, XDrawString, etc., so no major optimizations or such, and
portability is not an issue.
Random speculation is welcome, and I know that there are other SGI's
that will blow away the graphics on any pc, but this isn't one of them.
No 'holy wars' please.  Answers like 'xxx will spank your Elan' are ok,
but more detailed responses are welcome too!


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