NEED INFO: Motionworks CameraMan

NEED INFO: Motionworks CameraMan

Post by Lee Hoffn » Wed, 28 May 1997 04:00:00

One of the Mac tomes (either Macintosh Bible of Everything You Ever Wanted
to Know about Macintosh) suggests an app called "CameraMan" by Motionworks
for capturing movement from the screen of your Mac. I need to do this for
a tutorial title I'm developing. Does anybody have info (including what
they paid for it) on this app?




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Does anyone out there have a website address for Motionworks in Vancouver
who make the Cameraman screen motion capture software?

I bought version 2.0 I think, the program did it's job, although extremely
buggy. I here there is an updated verion available and want to purchase an

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