Press Release: Spyglass Transform for Windows

Press Release: Spyglass Transform for Windows

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Visual Data Analysis Comes to Windows(tm) with
Spyglass(R) Transform and Spyglass Slicer

Powerful data analysis tools allow scientists and engineers
to quickly and interactively examine large datasets

SAVOY, IL (December 31, 1993) - Spyglass Inc., the leading supplier of
powerful, easy-to-use, visual data analysis tools for Macintosh and
UNIX, announced today that they will expand into the Windows(tm) and
Windows NT(tm) marketplace with Spyglass Transform and Spyglass

Award-winning Spyglass Transform set the visual data analysis standard
for excellence by combining powerful capabilities with an easy-to-use
interface. This point-and click approach allows user to quickly, and
interactively analyze large datasets.

Already established in the Macintosh and UNIX markets, Spyglass
Transform is a visual data analysis tool that allows scientists and
engineers to quickly analyze large matrix and image datasets. With
Spyglass Transform, surface plots, color raster images, line graphs,
contour plots and vector plots can be created from matrix data arrays
with simple point-and-click operations that require no programming.

Spyglass Transform's versatile data import capability makes it
extremely easy for users to import datasets from from ASCII
spreadsheet files or binary data files. Spyglass Transform also
automatically reads MATLAB(R), GIF, PBM, and XWD files, as well as
FITS, HDF, and TIFF files.

With Spyglass Transform, users can quickly and easily add floating
point annotations, titles, axis labels, numerical scales, tick marks,
and color bars. These features let users create high-quality plots and
output them directly to color PostScript printers.

Spyglass Transform also includes a powerful macro scripting language
that gives the user explicit control over all Transform
functions. With the macro language it is easy to automate repetitive
tasks such as importing data, manipulating arrays, creating plots,
adding labels, and exporting images and data. Users can even
automatically generate macros of Transform generated plots, and apply
those macros to other datasets. Macro commands can also be sent from
other programs, making it possible to turn Spyglass Transform into a
visual data analysis post processor. The macro language, also includes
looping structures for repetitive operations on multiple datasets.

Spyglass Transform can also create animated movies of data or image
files.  Animations can then be played back using the Windows Media

In addition, Spyglass Transform can communicate with Mathematica(R)
using MathLink(R). This important feature makes it easy for users to
make high-quality images and plots of their Mathematica-derived
mathematical functions using Spyglass Transform.

"Having the two leading technical software packages talk to each
other is very synergistic," said Dr. Brand Fortner, a Spyglass
cofounder. "Now, I can send my Mathematica-generated functions to
Transform and interactively create high-quality images of my
function.  I can also use Mathematica's powerful language to automate
complex Transform tasks."

Spyglass Transform for Windows and Windows NT, list price $595, will
begin shipping January 17, 1994.  Spyglass Transform is also available
for color-capable Macintosh computers, and the following UNIX
platforms: Sun SPARC; Hewlett-Packard HP 9000; Silicon Graphics;
Digital ULTRIX, and IBM RS/6000 workstations.

Spyglass is also announcing their plans to release Spyglass Slicer, a
volumetric visualization tool for Windows and Windows NT. Features of
Spyglass Slicer include isosurfacing; oblique slicing; advanced
voxel-based ray tracing; fast front-to-back rasterizing; key animation
scripting and generation; and much more.

Spyglass Slicer will be available for Windows and Windows NT and is
scheduled for release in Spring, 1994 with a list price of $695.

Founded in 1990, Spyglass Inc. is the leading developer of visual data
analysis tools for Windows, UNIX and Macintosh platforms.  Spyglass
offers a suite of data analysis tools including Spyglass Plot, a
column data analysis tool, and Spyglass Dicer(R), a volumetric
visualization tool for Macintosh. Spyglass products are used worldwide
by thousands of scientists and engineers who want to quickly and
easily analyze and present their data.

Spyglass is a registered trademark of Spyglass Inc. Windows and
Windows NT are trademarks of Microsoft Corporation. Mathematica and
MathLink are registered trademarks of Wolfram Research Inc. Dicer is a
registered trademark of Visualogic. All other product names mentioned
are trademarks of their respective owners.


1. FS: Fortner (Spyglass) Plot, Transform, & Slicer

I can sell new copies of current versions of Fortner (formerly Spyglass)
Plot, Transform, and Slicer. These are all Macintosh software. Because I
have old versions of these which I can upgrade, I can sell them at
special prices. The total retail price of these packages is $1585. The
current promotional price from Fortner is $599. I will sell all three,
in current versions (I will upgrade for you and transfer license) for
$450. e-mail me if you are interested.

- Ken

BTW - these are also all callable from LS FORTRAN Pro fro the Power Mac,
which I can also sell for $300 for the current version.

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