Midnight Modeller 3.0 for DOS

Midnight Modeller 3.0 for DOS

Post by Sven Weima » Fri, 05 Sep 1997 04:00:00

>There once was this modeller available as shareware (Midnight Modeller 3.0)
>and I can't find it anymore.  The earlier version was a good modeller for
>DOS.  Then the 3.0 version came out - I tried it, but then had to make room
>on my system for something else, no I have a bigger hard drive but can't
>find the program.  Does anyone have a copy to e-mail to me?  Thanks...

The author decided not to complete V3.0 for DOS due to problems with a
graphics library and started the development of Version 4 for Windows.
Two weeks ago he put the first Alpha on his homepage. You can find it


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I want to download the latest version of Midnight Modeller but it takes
an afwul long time which I don't have. aprox. 55 min. at a transfer rate
of about 0.2 Kbytes per sec. Are there any mirror sites that have the
latest version?


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