Crack for mIrc4.7

Crack for mIrc4.7

Post by Petter Skaatan Mathis » Thu, 30 Jan 1997 04:00:00

I'm lloking for a ctha password, or a crack to mIrc4.7.
Please reply


1. Webdesign Crack wanted

Looking for a creative Gfx Specialist,  interested in cooperating on some
common projects (commercial & noncomm.)

Me: 25 y. , student & webprogrammer /-designer ,
Core competences: html, JScript, VB (ASP), Perl, some Java, some Gfx-Design

What I can offer:
- A common website as a platform for some modern/experimental (non-comm.) as
well as commercial purposes (under 1 or on separate Domains)
- Lots of ideas & 'visions' (that I've only partly realized up to now)
- Some experience & great motivation

Don't hesitate to contact for some more info. !


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