New CG Services / 3D Models Give-away

New CG Services / 3D Models Give-away

Post by Georges Winkenbac » Wed, 11 Mar 1998 04:00:00

We're celebrating the introduction of our comprehensive
computer graphics services. And to start under an
auspicious sky, we decided to begin by giving something
away; namely, two 3D architectural models in 3DMF format.

So please, come visit our WEB site at
to download them. We plan to make more free models
available over the next few months.

Now for the sales pich:
We - Taweewan and Georges - have join forces to provide
comprehensive computer graphics services, modeling,
rendering, animation, multimedia, software development,
consulting, and more. No kidding! Together we combine
more than 12 years of experience in the field, a Ph.D.
in computer science, a B.A. in architecture, and two
published Siggraph papers. We're ready to handle the most
demanding projects.

We're interested in working with a broad range of
professionals, architects, software developers, multimedia
producers, illustrators, WEB content creators, advertisers,
the list goes on...

Our rates are reasonable. So please, come and check our list
of services, and let us help you with your projects.

Taweewan & Georges

TS                              phone: (604) 608-0229
free lance                      fax:   (604) 608-6644
Vancouver, B.C., Canada