CFD -> rec.picture.misc/rec.picture.d (was comp.pic.misc)

CFD -> rec.picture.misc/rec.picture.d (was comp.pic.misc)

Post by Mark A. Hol » Sun, 16 Sep 1990 08:32:32

The following is a call for discussion for the following group:


Purpose: For the posting and discussion of various graphics images that can
         be ported to a various computer systems, such as, but not  limited
         to: ASCII, GIF, RLE, and MacPicture.

Specific Description and Moderation Status:
rec.picture.misc - Moderated. This group is the actual group where pictures
                   are to be uuencoded and posted. This will originally  be
                   the group where all  pictures are posted. However,  when
                   more specific groups are created (ie,
         , this  will be  a catch-all  group if  a
                   picture is not covered by any other topic.

                   The  moderator  of  this  group  will  be  ______.   (Be

                   the time to moderate this group properly.

rec.picture.d - Unmoderated. This is a discussion group for*,
                and will include  notes for  FTP and  e-mail request  sites
                where pictures  can  be  obtained. No  picture  posting  is
                allowed here, and a periodic posting here by the  moderator
                will make everyone aware of the fact.

Why Moderation?
1. Prevention of duplicate postings of file.
2. A check to made sure the file can be uudecoded and seen by the receiver.
3. Provide a reasonable assurance that the picture is really worthwhile  to
   be posted around the world.
4. Provide a controlled flow of postings to prevent site overload.\

Discussion Period: September 5 - October 15.

Voting Period: October  16 - November  15. Voting site  is unknown at  this
point. (Anyone want to volunteer)?
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