Decoding and Joining

Decoding and Joining

Post by Alvin L. Hil » Sat, 01 Jul 2000 04:00:00

When I download binary files in parts (e.g. file.mpg.001 through
file.mpg.100 plus file.mpg.bat), all I get are text files. What do I do
next? I1ve downloaded ChunkJoiner 2.2 to combine the files. When I1ve
used this program to join already viewable mpg files, only the first
one plays. What am I doing wrong? If I need a decoder for the text
files, which one should I use and do I decode before or after I join
the files? Should the .bat file be included? I1m using a Mac G3.
Someone please help. Thanks.


1. Decoding and Joining

To whoever that responded to me privately, thanks for responding. I
received good info from another news group. The problem lies with
Quicktime (any version) being too sensitive with joined files. The
binary that I was concerned about was altered and reposted in
alt.binaries.test. It works perfectly. The overall problem is something
that Apple has to solve. Again, thanks for your thoughtful response.


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