Slide Maker for UNIX system

Slide Maker for UNIX system

Post by David S. Chann » Sat, 05 Mar 1994 00:04:14

Probably a FAQ, but ...

  Does anyone know of a (35mm) slide maker that can be connected to a
  Sun workstation? Actually I'm probably just looking for UNIX drivers for
  such slide makers as lasergraphics, etc.
  So far I have found a bunch that can be connected to Macs
  and the like but not to <real> computers. Ideally I'd like it to have a lpr
  style interface or newsprint driver so people can just queue images to it.
  I'm looking at the 10 - 15 k$ range.



1. CLUT for Windows system and UNIX system colors

There has been a lot of discussion about color pallets because of the WWW
lately.  Only 216 of the 256 possible colors in the Mac and Windows System
software are common.  So I now have a 216 color CLUT for Photoshop.


I do a lot of design of computer interfaces that are exclusively seen only
on Windows or UNIX computers (of various sorts).  All my design is done on
a Macintosh.  Where can I go to get the full 256 CLUT for the Windows
system colors and the same for UNIX machines if it differs (it seems to
vary even among UNIX brands)?

Color deaf,

David Jacopille
Bald HIll Press

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