Inventor, SoXtClipboard

Inventor, SoXtClipboard

Post by Even Oscar Anders » Tue, 07 Feb 1995 20:50:39

The man page for SoXtClipboard says that it
supports the XA_STRING target.

Does this mean that it is possible to
cat/copy/paste text ?

e.g. Can I mark some text in my winterm
window, and then use copy in
an Inventor application.

How ?

I'm developing an application based
in the demo SceneViewer program,
when I try the above the debug library

Inventor error in SoXtClipboard::importSelectionTargets(): - value is NULL

OS is IRIX 5.2, with Inventor 3D Toolkit, 2.0 (05/25/94)

Even Oscar Andersen


1. SoXtClipBoard and SoNode::copy() Iv2.0 question

|> Organization: NAS - NASA Ames Research Center, Moffett Field, CA
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|>  I have these nodekits that are put onto the clipboard then
|>  pasted into another viewer which works fine except that my
|>  kits are derived and I want some of the other data to be
|>  copied along as well.
|>  After looking at Inventor Toolmaker, pg62, I thought I
|>   could put my local field copies in there after I put
|>   a myKit::copy() method in my class.
|>  Unfortunately,  myKit::copy() is never getting called,
|>   and I wanted to know how SoXtClipboard does the copy.
|>   Does it just get the "print" string (for an ASCII file)
|>   and give that to the clipboard?

The SoXtClipboard class just applies a write action to get the
data into the clipboard buffer. You need to make sure that
whatever data is in your kits can be written to files. The
easiest way to do this is to store all the instance data in

(By the way, check out the new newsgroup.)


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