PR: Triumph 200MB/sec 64-bit RAID Unleashed

PR: Triumph 200MB/sec 64-bit RAID Unleashed

Post by Synapsys Digital, LL » Fri, 06 Feb 1998 04:00:00

Company Product Announcement: For Immediate Release

Synapsys Digital Announces the New Triumph 64-bit 200MB/sec Fibre Channel
RAID System for the Macintosh and NT 4.0

Triumph Offers Industry Leading Performance, Scalability, and Legacy

Palo Alto, CA. February 4, 1998: Synapsys Digital, LLC, a pioneer of Fibre
Channel storage solutions, today announced the immediate availability of its
new Triumph FC-AL RAID solution for Macintosh and Windows NT workstations
and servers.  Based on the new Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop architecture,
the Triumph series of digital audio/video and multimedia RAID systems is the
first 64-bit plug-and-play storage solution to offer 200MB/sec performance,
multi-platform interoperability, workgroup networking, and easy integration
into existing UltraSCSI systems.

Fibre Channel is tomorrows architecture of choice because it offers
unparalleled performance and flexibility. Our complete commitment to the
digital media sector and the emerging Fibre Channel standard allows us to
deliver 64-bit solutions at prices up to 35% less than our competitors
32-bit offerings, stated Thomas Isakovich, President and CEO of Synapsys
Digital.  The company also offers custom systems integration and consulting
services to its clients to aid in designing optimal storage solutions for
each particular environment.

About the Triumph FC-AL RAID Solution

A high-performance and limitlessly customizable 64-bit storage solution, the
Triumph series employs the Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop interconnect
standard (FC-AL) for a dramatic leap in data throughput. Now, digital video
projects can pump data at up to 200MB/sec on 126 simultaneously connected
devices at cable distances up to 10,000 meters. With this groundbreaking
performance, post-production and broadcast studios can easily manipulate
multiple full-frame, uncompressed video streams.  The Triumph FC-AL five
port hubs allow several workstations to connect directly to the Triumph
array, so editors and animators can simultaneously access data at 200MB/sec
instead of typical 10MB/sec Ethernet. The Advanced Data Streaming
technology, with full multiple block buffering and a state-of-the-art RISC
processor, provides unsurpassed performance optimized for video-on-demand
and broadcast servers. With modular scalability up to 1.062 Gigabits/second
and unparalleled data integrity, the Triumph Fibre Channel disk array is the
best solution for professional Macintosh and Windows NT digital media

Available in both tower and rack-mount configurations, the Triumph provides
a low-noise backplane system, essential for maximum data integrity.  The
FC-AL hot-swap disk modules, cooled by a unique PassThrough Ventilation
Technology, support 10,000 rpm drives and ensure maximum longevity from your
system. The Triumph array is encased in an all-steel cabinet with lockable
and removable drive canisters, twin 300-watt redundant hot swappable power
supplies, and failure alarm modules. The Triumphs exclusive dual BIOS
technology simplifies transitions between multiple computing platforms. Best
of all, the unique UltraSCSI to FC-AL bridge allows integration of new
high-performance Triumph Fibre Channel arrays with existing UltraSCSI
systems, so current investments are preserved.  With support for RAID levels
0 (striping), 1(mirroring), 4 (striping with dedicated parity), and 5
(striping with striped parity), the Triumph series is a bulletproof system
that will keep mission-critical data online and protected.

Pricing and Availability

The Synapsys Digital Triumph FC-AL RAID solutions are available now directly
from the company.  Pricing begins at $8,995 for a Triumph IA 18.2GB single
user model, with a 145.6GB Triumph III MAX with two five-port hubs available
at $46,579.  These represent sample configurations, as the Triumphs modular
design permits virtually any customized combination of drives, enclosures,
host interfaces, hubs, and bridges.

About Synapsys Digital, LLC

Synapsys Digital, LLC is a Silicon Valley pioneer committed to manufacturing
and supporting customized storage solutions for high-end Power Macintosh and
Windows NT workstations and servers. The company concentrates its product
line on RAID (Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks) and Fibre Channel
Arbitrated Loop (FC-AL) technology, both widely proven methods of achieving
maximum data throughput and protection. Synapsys Digitals
open-architecture, platform independent solutions have received endless
praise from clients for their turn-key ease of deployment. The new Triumph
Fibre Channel systems range from 18GBs to multiple terabytes and offer
best-of-class performance with an exclusive 64-bit, full duplex, dual BIOS
RISC architecture.  In addition to offering leading-edge products, the
company offers technical consulting services to its customers.  Clients
include professional media, film, prepress, imaging, animation, and
post-production studios looking to connect their people to the fastest disk
systems available.  More information is available at, or contact a Synapsys Digital technician at
(888) 886-8551.