Corel Draw problem

Corel Draw problem

Post by Roger Hausma » Thu, 02 Aug 1990 07:47:00

Bob, if you're happy with what Corel puts on the screen for you, here's
a bit of advice (from a graphics guy... take it with a grain of salt):
You could possibly capture that hi-res screen image with SCR2GIF, a
shareware product. We have developed a process called HiRes-2-Slides
which will generate a brilliant, true color hires 35mm slide- we can
also then make color photographic prints or overheads...Roger Hausmann,
Kingdom Productions (713) 526-2331 or BBS: (713) 630-0553

1. Corel Draw: Problems Exporting & Pasting Graphics

I've got some line drawing in corel draw that I'd like to export to a Word
document.  However, when I perform a copy/paste, the graphic is converted to
a bit-mapped image and the print out looks terrible.  When I've tried
exporting graphics, it seems that the objects don't seem to hold their
relative positions well, i.e., draw objects appear to have moved.

Any help or common experiences would be appreciated...

ben lee

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