Wanted: free DFA editor for X

Wanted: free DFA editor for X

Post by Jefferson Oga » Tue, 31 Jan 1995 18:02:52

I am in need of a public domain graph editor running under the X
Window system. I will be using it for visual programming of a game
design. It is important that I can tag the nodes and arcs with
additional information. This information will specify various
side-effects of visiting a node, as well as node and arc labels.

Does anyone know of such a beast?


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1. Wanted : Blob Editors (Mesh editors)

Wanted : Blob Editors (Mesh editors)

I've been using Blob Sculptor for DOS and the Windows port in order to
modem strange shape, smooth but irregular shapes.

Does anyone know of any better mesh editors I might use that would be
similar, but perhaps more advanced than blob editor ?

I like the density, threshhold, and detail features of Blob, but I'd like
to see a richer tool with better merge functions and more accurate mesh
generation (no holes / gaps).

Can anyone help me find a good mesh editor that might meet these requirements?

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