Eikonix Scanners

Eikonix Scanners

Post by Lee Butl » Fri, 02 Nov 1990 21:39:00

We have an Eikonix scanner (1400 series) here, and are wondering who else
might have one of these beasts.  I'd be interested in discussing applications
and algorithms involving the configuration and use of this or other "high
resolution" CCD based scanners.

Right now I'm developing software to run the scanner to produce images in the
format used by our CAD package.  I'm finding that the literature from
Kodak/Eikonix on configuration of the scanner is less than I could hope for.
I am implementing an "auto exposure" (auto-configuration actually) algorithm
similar to that in most video cameras.  Has anyone else done this?  Would you
be willing to discuss details or share code?
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1. Help: Eikonix 1412 and Sun 4 don't work well together

We purchased an Eikonix 1412 scanner about a year ago and have had
difficulty getting it to work with a Sun 4, with SunOS 4.0 or 4.0.3.
The interface cards tried were National Instruments GPIB-1014-1S, Rev. D2
and Rev. F.  When we try to scan at a clock rate of 6 and a count greater
than about 35-40000, we either get an error -1 (Transmit command syntax
error) or the system gets a "panic - hat unload - pmg not kept" and

Has anyone successfully scanned with an Eikonix 1412 using the longer
counts (exposure times) or higher clock rates on a Sun 4?

Thanks in advance.

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