correction return address MOVING SALE

correction return address MOVING SALE

Post by clark tradin » Tue, 13 Jul 1999 04:00:00

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Our regrets we sent wrong  EMAIL return address for MOVING SALE

kind regards,
clark trading
2070 s. 7th st. unit b, san jose, ca. u.s.
011 408 947 8100



1. Mail reply problems (UUCP paths and return addresses)

Recently, I've read interesting articles or have received several pieces
of interesting mail.  Unfortunately, the return paths has been bad ones.
I've corresponded with other people (most recently Peter Neumann at
SRI) about this problem.  It only appears to be getting worse.  I feel
very bad about if someone sends me mail, and I can't get an answer to them.
For all of us: please figure out a return path or address if on the
Internet (in particular) and put it at the end of articles or mail
like a signature.

From the Rock of Ages Home for Retired Hackers:

  "You trust the `reply' command with all those different mailers out there?"
  "Send mail, avoid follow-ups.  If enough, I'll summarize."

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