Algo for 1D multivariate data visualization

Algo for 1D multivariate data visualization

Post by ZhaoHui Zhon » Fri, 23 Apr 1999 04:00:00


I am a new comer to visualization area.  Currently I am
trying to visualize some data of a ecosystem.  The data is
one dimentional with multiple variables in each data point.
I try to find a good algo to do this but almost run out
of time.  Are there any good reference? papers, good
application examples, web sites...whatever

Currently I am consider using VTK2.1 (Visualization Toolkit)
to implement all these stuff.


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1. Visualization software for multivariate data

In a research effort to understand a large database of
electroencephalogram (EEG) data, my collaborators and I
are running up against a wall in finding easy ways to
visualize this multivariate data. For each of many
patients, we have spatiotemporal data consisting of
time series associated with 21 spatial electrodes,
i.e., a 21xN data matrix where N may be as large as
20,000. The database covers about 100 patients.

We would like to try things like examine the 19 time
series simultaneously for a given patient, compare time
series across patients, make animations of the
spatiotemporal data as spatial maps, and interrogate
the data in real time (e.g., dynamically change scales
or color maps). It would also be a big plus to be able
produce publication-quality output, e.g., Postscript

If anyone has tried this kind of data analysis before,
have they found any useful visualization software?



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