Please help! Special effects project with Premiere

Please help! Special effects project with Premiere

Post by Esther F » Fri, 27 Jan 1995 22:07:02

Please pardon if some of this plea for help applies only marginally to
some of these newsgroups. I am working on a special effect which gives
the illustion of text spinning in a globe-like form. However, I want a
different phrase every time it spins into view. This "globe" is set into
a black background. So what that means is I have different frames of text
(done in the title feature), and they have iris round transitions set at
about 48-55% (transition onto black on track B and text is on track A)
and all the text have roll and spherize filters applied to them. This is
also being done in Premiere 4.0, if that affects any advice.

Please....if anybody has hints or help for me, please hurry! My project
is due next Thursday!

Much thanks!


Esther Fan....coming to you live from old historic New Castle, DE!


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Hi there,
My name is Wendy, and I'm a third year psychology doctoral student. I am
in desperate need of a computer graphics program that will let me scan
in real photos of people and manipulate their weight
in a standardized and efficient way. I've fooled around with Photoshop-
that does let me cut out portions of someone's body and make it look
bigger or smaller (through visual inspection alone), i'm going to need a
more scientific/standardized way of doing this for my
project to fly.  I think i really need a program which will make it
possible for me to increase someone's weight by twenty percent or
increase their waist to hip ration by twenty percent. ACK!
Sorry if i've gotten the wrong group in making this posting. Any help
would be greatly appreciated!!!
Wendy Walter

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