Wanted - GKS for DOS

Wanted - GKS for DOS

Post by Jane Ee » Sat, 06 Feb 1993 10:41:29

Please excuse this if it is a faq...

I am looking for GKS for DOS with a Fortran binding.
I have a version from GSS, but it is orphaned.  Are there
any other versions out there?  I'm willing to pay for it.


  Jane Eert


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Hi There, I need some technical help again.

I've tried to upgrade my dos version on my IBM AT 286 clone. I have a
MS-Dos 3.3 currently and I got an IBM Dos 4.01 from a friend. I had
problem to upgrade since these two dos have some difference. But I don't
want to spend more than $120 to buy a MS-dos 4.0. Is there any way to
upgrade a Ms-dos with an IBm Dos without re-formatting my hard drive
first? I like the dos 4.01 very much but just hesitate to rebuild my
hard drive. Any suggestions are more than welcome. Thanks in avance.

Matthew Huang

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