Infini-D 3.0--why so %$#@ slow?

Infini-D 3.0--why so %$#@ slow?

Post by John Dowdel » Sat, 07 Oct 1995 04:00:00

"Don't know where you heard that the Replicas models weren't built
with the
Infini-D modeler,
but that is not true, incorrect, and just plain DEAD WRONG. The
models were
actually in fact built with the modeler that shipped with I-D 2.6."

Huh... coulda sworn I saw Replicas being sold a few years back at
MacWorld during ID 2.0 days... I'm probably mistaken, though.


1. Infini-D 3.0--why so %$#@ slow?

I got the demo for 3.0, gave it 16 megs of RAM (the real stuff) and
opened a shapes file called "little girl" with a cartoonish action-figure
appearance. I selected render, turned *off* transparency and relections,
ste patch detail and antialiasing to low, hit return....

and waited.

and waited.

I listened to NPR until it began to repeat (nearly 20 minutes), and yet the
render ( alittle
tiny 200x300 picture) didn't get past her chin! Now I know 2.6 was not
that slow, and Ray Dream (the one I use now) is certainly no speed demon,
but this was just plain silly. Bryce is faster by far!

I'm rendering on a 7100/66 w 24 megs ram and a 512k cache, which has
proved to be plenty robust with Ray Dream, LogoMotion and a demo of FormZ...

here's another cute detail--I grabbed a few models off the Specular web
page, which were samples from the Replicas collection... Turns out that
Specular doesn't even use it's own modeler to make the shapes!! I
double-clicked some parts to see how they were formed, and the got a
message to the effect that the shape had to be *converted* to infini-d
format before I could work on it...

BTW anyone who argues that the modeler in 3.0 has been "improved" over
2.6 is fooling themselves. The process is still needlessly abstract--just
adding cross-section support (ray dream has had this since 1.0) does not
a modeler make. And windows without scroll bars, and a seperate tool for
resizing things vs. just dragging a corner handle--get with the program,
folks, this is a Mac we're working on here!

sorry, I didn't intend to rant. I'm a little miffed I spen 45 minutes
dowloading that demo.... this will annoy the partisan folks, but I really
am wondring why everyone sings the praises of this program--and I'm
wondering why every 3-d package for the mac has major drawbacks to go
with the benefits. Can't anyone get this right, or at least port LightWave?


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