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I just acquired an old Empire (world conquest game) is enhanced by Regis
graphics. What the hell are Regis graphics and if anyone knows where to get
them could they tell me please?

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1. REGIS graphics ?

I used REGIS all the time until a year ago, when I switched to X on my PC
(SmarTerm 340 by Persoft, by the way, is a TEK/REGIS terminal emulator for
PCs).  It is a bit-mapped (not vector like TEK) color graphics protocol on
VT240 and VT340 terminals.  It is not high-resolution - it has a rather wide
aspect ratio (735x380 or some such odd dimensions).  One of its curious
features is the support of a character set on the terminal.  It is very slow
compared to TEK since it sends pixels.  However, you can type over it
conveniently, which makes for a nice integrated text/graphics view.

If you're on a VMS machine, just $ help set term and look at all the REGIS
attributes you can adjust on your terminal.

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