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Hiya folks!
     I am in the process of creating a WWW site dedicated solely to the
Persistence of Vision Raytracer.  In it will be links to every imaginable
and worthy POV-Ray and 3D graphics source as well as other simelar sites.
Another major peice of this site is going to depend on the response I get
from you fellow POV'ers out there.  What I am looking for from you is your
work!  There are going to be 4 (maybe more) LARGE catagories that will
consist of the following labels:  TEXTURES, OBJECTS, SCENES,
ALGORITHMS,...?  Sub-catagories will consist of POV1.x, POV2.x, and
POV3.x...  There will also be links to libraries of 3D meshes as well so
that you are not limited to POV...  I will have some of the top utilities
on my site and they will be updated frequently.  I know that everyone with
POV-Ray has the ability to join in on this, and soon, you'll be able to do
it right from the site via CGI forms...  But for now, I need somethign to
get a boost with, and your help is crucial.  Remember, this is for
everyone.  And you get full credit for your submissions of texture
declarations, object declarations, and full scenes, etc...  By letting me
know basic information about yourself.  Further down the road, there will
be sample images of scenes, textures, and objects, etc...

So if you're interested, and I truly hope you are...  Send your
submissions to me via e-mail and within the next couple of months, I will
send the URL to everyone who sends something in as well as post it here.

~When sending files to me via e-mail, please
  specify in the subject line what catagory it
  fits into out of these four:  

~For OBJECT submissions, please include
  a LIMITS field embedded into the file like so:
  //  -X, +X
  //  -Y, +Y
  //  -Z, +Z

~For ALGORITHM submissions, please include
  a small description as to how it works inside of
  the file.

~I will consent with you before editing any of the
  files except for formatting, which I will take care of.
  For visual appeal, all POV files and INC files that
  are submitted will follow a format of STEPPING which
  resembles the following:

  texture {
        pigment {}
        finish {

  This format will be taken care of by me, just make
  sure that the files you submit are at least readable
  so that I can work on the easily.  The actual
  CONTENT will not be altared without consent with
  you, the creator.

~If you are submitting a SCENE, or anything that
  consists of more than one file, such as GIFs, INC's,
  etc. Please ZIP them, SIT them, ARJ them or SEA
  them!  They will be rezipped and linked to by the

~If you have any special instructions for use or
  copyright notices to the user, include them in
  the ZIP file as NOTICE.TXT and it will become
  a seperate link on the page so that the user
  can view it without having to actually download
  the entire ZIP file which can become very large
  for some scenes.

~If you have any other special requests or questions,
  just place them in the body of your e-mail to me and
  I will get back to you asap!  :)



Poeple, this is a tramendous help, and if you can follow these
instructions and get me those data files, scenes, textures, tips, hints,
algorithms, thubmnails, and all that other juicy stuff, you WON'T GO

It's just going to grow.  So Keep up the good work, and GOD BLESS THE POV


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