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I recently attempted to create a movie from about 300 images using
"makemovie" in sgi format.  It gave me a 5 minute blank movie.  I then
attempted to use the "qt" format and it worked fine.  Is there some-
thing wrong with "makemovie" and the sgi format? Please mail me at


1. imgworks, 16 bit rgb & makemovie

Gentle people,

I'm trying to create a movie from a bunch of 16 bit RGB files using
makemovie.   Unfortunately, the image displayed by movieplayer looks
horrid!  After some experimentation, it seems that makemovie just
ignores the top 8 bits (imgworks, imgview & imged have no trouble with it,
and imginfo says it really is 16 bits: Min/Max: 0 - 65535).  Is there
a way to get makemovie to not ignore the most significant half of the
data?  Or am I doomed to go back and squashing all my images?

XV seems to have the same problem, but it at least tells me that it can't
handle 16 bit images (rather than silently whack off the most interesting
half of the data).


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