Want more info on SEADS

Want more info on SEADS

Post by J. Eric Townse » Fri, 14 Sep 1990 09:49:25

Just read "ARTS: Accelerated Ray-Tracing System" by Fujimoto, Tanaka
and Iwata (IEEE CG&A, Apr 86).

They talk about using SEADS (Spatially Enumerated Auxiliary Data
Structure) with a 3D DDA.

My question is this:  What is SEADS, really?  From what I can tell
it's just a 3D array.  If that's true, there's no way they could
have run their test cases on their equipment in the times they
show. A 512x512x512 array on a 4Mb Vax 750?  Maybe it's an
octree, but they talk about how much better SEADS is than
an octree.

If anyone knows of where I can find an implementation of SEADS,
that would be best.  In any case, if you know anything more about
this, please let me know...
J. Eric Townsend -- University of Houston Dept. of Mathematics (713) 749-2120

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1. SEADS 3DDDA Algorithms wanted (C/C++)

For speeding up our raytracer, we want to use a technique called SEADS.
It was mentioned in Allen Watt, and in an article "ARTS : Accelerated
Ray-Tracing System" by Fujimoto A., Tanaka T.  and Iwata K.

We are looking for an implementation is C(++) or pascal, of this structure
together with some comment how it works, and so on.

At ftp.lifl.fr /pub/users/graphix/lefer/SEADS is a small file called SEADS.tar
but there is few comment in these files. (seads_init.c seads_go.c seads.h)

Who could give me information and/or a (pointer to an) implentation of this
fast 'voxel' like structure. ?

        kind regards,
                Erwin Coumans
                student computer graphics
                Eindhoven University of Technology
                The Netherlands.

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