3D-data for Utah-teapot

3D-data for Utah-teapot

Post by Peter Dalsgaa » Tue, 28 Jan 1992 04:38:03

Hi there !!

Does anyone know where I can find 3D data for the Utah-teapot.

Thanks in advance

   *** Peter Dalsgaard               ***  

   *** University of Aarhus, Denmark ***


3D-data for Utah-teapot

Post by Dan Shipl » Sat, 01 Feb 1992 06:28:18

Quote:Dalsgaard) writes:
> Hi there !!

> Does anyone know where I can find 3D data for the Utah-teapot.

>    *** Peter Dalsgaard               ***  

You can get it in NFF (Neutral File Format) from sonata.cc.purdue.edu
Login as anonymous and send your user I.D. as the password.  Then,

cd /pub/next/graphics/nff

There are about 10 files here in NFF format including the teapot.  There is  
also a file describing the NFF file format called NFF.Z

Hope this helps ...
Dan Shipley at next.cs.umr.edu
            or apollo.civil.umr.edu     (The University of Missouri - Rolla)
            or franklin.ee.umr.edu           UMR ... The BLACK HOLE !!!


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